Many people cut trees all (28) _________ the world.

  • Read the passage and choose the correct option A, B, C or D that best fits each of the numbered blanks

    Many people cut trees all (28) _________ the world. (29) ______ are people who do not know they are harming themselves by their action. Recently, there was news about the destruction of lives and property in Uttarakhand due to flash floods caused by a cloud burst. According to ecologists and (30) _________, one of the main causes of this catastrophe was deforestation. Actually, people cut trees for the sake of luxury and money. Deforestation results in global warming, drought and famine. People should be made aware of the ill effects of deforestation. Organizations like WWF (World Wildlife Fund) should be encouraging in their efforts and guided in all possible ways to help promote preservation of forest land. (31) ____________ deforestation continues at the current rate, a day will come when the human (32) ________ itself will be endangered.


    (28) ________

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    Correct Answer: EASY

    Many people cut trees all (28) over the world.

    Translation: Many people cut down trees all over the world.



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